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This page provides information on the use of a pro-active and consistent process for the managing of technology commercialization. The commercialization of technology which receives initial or significant investment from the government is important to the national industrial strategy since successful transition of technology from government sponsorship to the market sustains the national research and development base and allows the commercial market to directly leverage off of government research investment. A briefing discussing the importance of commercialization to U. S. national goals and the need for agency level pro-active systems and processes which try to meet and improve upon the goals for commercialization is provided for those readers not fully familiar with this topic.

Figure 1 represents the typical life-cycle of a new technology which will be subject to commercialization requirements. The typical single project process includes a Feasibility Phase, a Prototype Phase, Testing and Final Project Reporting. The typical expectation for Commercialization Planning along the life of this process is shown in Figure 1. Commercialization Planning should procede through the following evolution as highlighted in the figure:

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The monitoring of commercialization planning and performance at project level can be done across an agency if a deliberate process is established to include all technology efforts which have potential for commercialization. Figure 2 is an example of the type of pro-active process necessary for an agency to implement such a deliberate process for commercialization management. It includes the establishment of commercialization goals for the agency and a process for ensuring the policy is disseminated concerning how projects will help the agency meet these goals. Agency monitoring and reporting needs to be established as part of the policy and the devlopment of business metrics which aid in these functions is important. Resources need to be defined which support the collection and assessment of the metrics defined and agency evaluation of how the system is supporting commercialization needs to be done continuously so that process improvements can be identified and incorporated to address areas of poor performance. The agency's continuing efforts to encourage industry partnering and marketing of the technology being developed is an important part of a successful program as well.

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The staff at Verisystem, LLC has been involved with technology transfer issues for the last nine years. Verisystem, LLC has directly contributed to several small business efforts to successfully transition new technology from government funded research to the commercial market and the company is committed to developing new ways to support commercialization efforts for all customers. Since these efforts have such a high importance to the nation and the U. S. government agencies involved with them, Verisystem, LLC has begun to develop the tools and resources which will support the implementation of pro-active systems and processes that help agencies manage commercialization. The Verisystem, LLC Business Metrics program has already developed the latest web-based technologies which support a distributed and robust commercialization metrics measurement system which can be implemented with little delay to address any portion of the typical commercialization management program needed by agency and other government technology professionals. For more information on the Verisystem, LLC Business Metrics program, please visit the Program Information pages or contact the Verisystem, LLC point of contact for this program at